Workshops in DIY Puppetry

BFP15’s Associate Producer, Victoria Hole, explains why the DIY Puppetry workshops are perfect for crafty people of all ages who are ‘puppet-curious’.


What inspired the ‘DIY Puppetry’ workshop theme?

We wanted people to feel that people can just have a go, try something new, work with different materials and meet people with similar interests. It does what it says on the tin and it’s satisfying when you have ‘done it yourself.’

Can you tell me a bit about the workshops that will be available at BFP15?  What’s on offer?  Who are they aimed at?

So, we have Carnival Puppets with The Moveable Feast (for adults and children), Performing Puppets with Lizzie Philps (adults), Paper Puppetry with Emma Powell (adults), Stop Motion on a Shoestring with Mary Murphy (adults), Animation with Claire Evans (children) and Trash Hack with Chris Pirie (young people). These workshops cover making and performing both in puppetry and stop motion. They are led by fantastic artists who have strong national presence within the art forms. These artists also started their career in the same way by being curious, by having a go. The workshops are aimed at complete beginners and those that already have some experience within the art forms but aren’t ready to stop learning. To me, workshops are about sharing ideas and experiences; this is made more interesting when you are all at different stages.

Why should festival goers get ‘hands on’ with puppetry?  What can they expect to learn or experience?

That’s the only way to do it! Dive in head first, explore different ways of making and performing, make decisions and change your mind. If you get involved you are likely to learn something new about yourself, which can often be one of the most interesting outcomes.

DIY Puppetry workshops cater for adults and children, with the first workshop, ‘BFP Carnival Puppets For Kids & Young People‘ on tomorrow, Weds 26 August, from 2 – 5pm at the Tobacco Factory Theatre (Brewery Studio).  For a full programme of workshops, visit the Bristol Festival of Puppetry website.   

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