DIY Kids: Workshops in Stop-Motion Animation

Claire Evans is a highly creative, Bristol-based artist and animation workshop facilitator with a wealth of experience and a real passion for her work.  As Small World Animations, Claire provides workshops for children that are tremendous fun and show just how easy animation can be.  We caught up with her to chat about her BFP15 workshop programme and her love of all things animated.


How did you get involved in stop-motion animation?  What’s the appeal?

I’ve always been interested in animation since I was a child, but back then there was no way for people to make their own animations at home, the technology just wasn’t around! I got involved in stop-motion once I saw the program istopmotion being used in a workshop and was fascinated by the creative possibilities of it. For me its appeal is the magic of bringing literally inanimate objects to life.

Can you tell me a little bit about the workshops that you will be presenting at BFP15?

I’m going to be presenting two three hour workshops at the Watershed, using 3D stop-motion animation. They’ll be based on the children’s animations being shown at the Watershed as part of this year’s festival, and kids will be designing, making and animating their own little 3D character which they can take home – where hopefully they’ll use phones, tablets etc and carry on animating!

What’s new, exciting or innovative about this workshop?  What do you hope it will bring to audiences at BFP15?

I’m very excited about working in response to the programmed animations that are going to be shown at the Watershed, many of which I watched as a child. I don’t want to give too much away, but I’m hoping it will inspire the children to invent cute, distinctive and (very possibly) nutty characters to create and animate!

Small World Animation workshops are running on Sat 29 Aug at 10am and 2pm.   Inspired by the films of Ivor Wood, particularly The Herbs, Claire will lead you on an adventure to find out what creatures might be living at the bottom of the garden and bring it to life.  Suitable for children aged 6 and over.  Dress for mess! 

To find out more about Claire, visit the Small Worlds Animation website.  For a full programme of events for families and children, visit the Bristol Festival of Puppetry website.

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