Review: Coulrophobia


Take one slapstick, a generous helping of classic double act, a dash of Stoppard and mix well – Coulrophobia is a cocktail of physical, dark and blue comedy that will have you in creases.  Two lovable, naughty clowns exist in a cardboard world ruled over by the perverse Poco – their ultimate mission to escape his tyranny!  Coulrophobia combines a range of puppetry forms to bring its surreal and creepy sketches to its audience.  With a good pace and pleasing yet unnerving use of audience interaction, this show keeps you on your toes from start to finish.  Both Adam (Adam Blake) and Dik (Dik Downey) are fearless in their performance, mixing subtle with brash puppet manipulation to bring their characters to life…  Right up to the show’s tremendous climax!

Loved this show, an absolute must-see.

Emma Windsor

Coulrophobia’ by Pickled Image continues on its international tour throughout 2015.  For more information, see Pickled Image’s website.

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