Mad Professors in Puppetry: An Interview with Kid Carpet and Chris Pirie from Green Ginger

Take five artists, lock them in a room, add tea and materials – and what do you get?  No, we don’t know either BUT we do know that whatever the outcome its bound to a be a helluva journey into the workings of the creative mind.  The Lab is a brand new and exciting initiative that will gather together five established artists from various backgrounds who will play, make and reflect on a career in performance.  Emma Williams spoke with two of the artists involved, Kid Carpet and Chris Pirie, to see what makes them tick.


Kid Carpet

What inspires you to make work ?
The easy answer is I’m strongly inspired by the desire to not have to get a proper job. The more difficult answer is a confusion of all sorts of things. Sometimes I’m not inspired at all. When I’m by myself and start singing random things it’s like a switch turns on and I’ll be inspired to make music, to sing, express a feeling and maybe begin to create a song.
Yesterday I got totally inspired to play drums. I’ve not acted on that inspiration… Yet!  Normal daily life gives me the soup to spoon ideas out of.  Also not being able to make things for whatever reason, looking after the kids, being away, having to do emails etc is incredibly frustrating and produces a strong urge to get making again.

Do you have any expectations of the lab?
It’ll be great to work with some brilliant artists that I’ve not had the opportunity to work with before.  I imagine the process will be a bit bitty, a bit potty, a bit short, a bit accidental and a bit rushed but I hope there’ll be some magic, some magnets and something more…

Chris Pirie (Green Ginger)

What inspires you to make work?
I can get inspired by anger or frustration with things I feel little control over; bullies, power-crazed despots, fascism… Green Ginger shows can also grow from tiny seeds contained in an interesting image or series of images that evoke a fantastical character, place, situation or event that on its own is not really enough to be the show but can spawn bigger stuff around it.  This seed is often something I want to see onstage myself and I am challenged by the need to figure out how I might bring it to life.

Do you have any expectations of the lab?
I’m excited by what might happen when this bunch of artists get together!  I also want audiences to have a really good time, laugh and leave with something that niggles away inside their head for a couple of days.

Interview by Emma Windsor

The lab results will be presented to audiences on Fri 04 Sept at 6:30pm at the Brewery Theatre.   For more information, visit the Bristol Festival of Puppetry website.

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