Associate Artist Puppetry Projects In Production: The Dragon Family


Puppet Place has a strong community of artists whom we support.  From students to professional puppetry practitioners, our community is involved in the art form at all levels and via various activities.  Our Associate Artist Scheme aims to help community members network, learn and promote their work, providing them with resources and facilities to explore and develop their practice.

UPDATE: DRAGON TV is now live!

The online video channel where all of the stars and cast are puppets is now live on YouTube and can be watched here:

The makers are  very open to talking about and working with fellow puppeteers, puppet
makers and film makers; so any ideas, suggestions or proposals are welcomed!  Please see below for contact and further details.


Project in production:  The Dragon Family

Project: ‘The Dragon Family’ puppet sitcom & other short video films
Where: Initially based in our small purpose-built studio in Frome, Somerset
When: From 30th November 2015

This is an exciting new project creating short video films starring monstrous puppets, including a good number of dragons and other monsters.  We also plan to produce ‘spoof’ adverts performed by puppets and other short video projects featuring the monsters. No humans will be harmed in the making of these videos.

The planned films will be ‘family’ entertainment which appeal to a wide audience of all ages, including children and adults. There will be a strong element of humour and wit. Several of the puppet characters have strong characters and voices already. Others are waiting to brought fully to life on the small screen by you!

The films will initially be distributed across a number of digital platforms. There is also the possibility of distribution to mainstream TV channels and networks in the mid to long term.

We have a producer, two script writers, two puppet makers/operators and a puppet costumier. Several  small film production companies have expressed interest in the project.

Call for collaboration:  What we need

Enthusiastic collaborators who want to get involved in an exciting project at the ground level. We are seeking the following skills; Puppeteers/puppet operators, voice over artists (especially for female/children’s voices) video director/ camera operator/sound engineer, video editor, scenery/backdrop artists, someone to handle publicity/marketing & online distribution (this last could be done remotely.) Time commitment can be flexible to suit you. Experience is not essential but useful in any of the above, in any combination. More importantly we seek people with an excitement and enthusiasm for making original and entertaining puppet films!

This project is unfunded as yet. However it will develop into a serious commercial enterprise over the coming months. Once we have some polished professional clips available we plan to seek funding/investment using these to showcase what we can do. Initially we can help pay expenses (travel  & etc) – committed collaborators will have the opportunity of earning a share of the profits as the project develops and grows.

Contact:      Greg Stephens (alias Cornelius Clifford)
You Tube:

Puppet Place Associate Artist Scheme: Offers a range of benefits to artists including: discounted tickets to all Puppet Place events; reduced rates for rehearsal and fabrication space hire; dedicated training and skills sharing; the latest job/funding information and promotional services via our online network; and a forum to exchange ideas and connect with other artists.  To talk with someone directly about becoming a Puppet Place Associate Artist, contact Victoria at or phone on  0117 929 3593.

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