Wastebusters – Puppets, Recycling and Saving the Planet!

Puppets and children across the world are saving the Planet! Wastebusters is an organisation that promotes recycling and sustainability by creating online puppet movies and multimedia teaching resources. Wastebusters works in collaboration with Recycle Now and many other agencies, partners and NGOs to fight the war on waste.

34417990_2017573981647582_1756125678232666112_n.jpgJune 5th marked World Environment Day and to mark this important occasion Wastebusters created a new movie that will be dubbed into several languages and beamed around the world to raise awareness of plastic pollution. Puppet Place was lucky enough to be there to watch things in action.

At a studio in Shepperton there was the set of a space ship interior not unlike Dr Who or Star Trek. A small team of puppeteers crouched, stretched and jumped around the space with impressive dexterity. Whilst the material is educational it also has plenty of character and puppet slapstick comedy. There is the familiar style of Sesame Street, The Muppets or Furchester Hotel but their mission has a much more serious note. On this occasion the team are tackling ocean plastic waste.

Heading the campaign is Captain Busta, a blue space monkey, who works for the intergalactic Space Federation. His team are the excitable Cadet Boo, the fluffy musical Lieutenant Pong and sardonic Roach the cockroach. Captain Busta has been sent out to find a new planet after his own had been engulfed in waste. During his search across The Galaxies he and his team have discovered Earth. On realising where Earth was heading Captain Busta has made it his mission to help Earthlings do all they can to ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ before it is too late.

Captain Busta works in collaboration with young people across the world as his fellow Wastebusters. He has travelled to schools across the UK and worked with BBC presenter Maddie Moate to spread this important message. He meets and interviews Wastebusters who are doing all they can to help. More recently Busta travelled to South Africa to work with Takalani Sesame Street. Following this new film for World Environment Day Captain Busta informs me that there is much more in the pipeline! Watch this Space!!


By Josh Elwell


To find out more about the campaign check out https://wastebuster.global/ or check out Wastebusters website, Facebook or Twitter

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